About Us

Michigan Steel & Trim is a metal roofing and siding manufacturer located in Portland, Michigan. At Michigan Steel & Trim we provide many metal roofing and siding products to fit the needs of your building projects. We believe quality is key and when comparing our metal panels to that of our competitors, you’ll be able to feel the difference in thickness, durability, and strength.

Because we are located in the beautiful city of Portland, we are conveniently between Lansing and Grand Rapids, serving the entire state of Michigan, with delivery available. As a metal roofing and siding manufacturer, our warehouse is stocked with Primary First Grade steel, trim, steel soffit, and all accessories. All of our panels are cut to the inch and are available in 21 different colors.

The Sherwin-Williams Weather XL paint technology on our panels provides a 40-year warranty against chips, peeling, or cracking. We also offer different paint finishes, including metallic, crinkle, and PUDF panels. Michigan Steel & Trim has a 48 hour turnaround on all in stock orders, making the process of ordering and receiving much faster than lumber yards and big box stores.

Michigan Steel & Trim makes the metal roofing process easier than ever, and will go to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction. Call or contact us today for a free estimate, or stop by our showroom for more information.